Welcome to The Gadget Zone

This is the start of my new weblog. I'm hoping to use it to share information, news and my research into the various gadgets that come my way. I'm a real sucker for small (and sometimes not so small) electronic gizmos that do cool and interesting things. I often spend weeks researching every magazine article and web site before I finally make a choice. This blog is a big step for me. Will I have the motivation to keep it running? Who knows, but there's only one way to find out.

I thought I'd start by giving you my current gadget top ten. Here we go pop pickers :

1. Tivo Hard disk video recorder
2. Linn Majik, Linn Mimic and Linn Axis hifi
3. Palm Tungsten T3 PDA
4. Canon Powershot G2 digital camera and Speedlite 220EX Flash
5. Philips 30" LCD TV
6. Tissot T Touch watch
7. Garmin GPS76MAP hand held GPS
8. Belkin Wifi wireless access point
9. Draytec Vigor220USB ADSL Router
10. Philips Zenia DECT phone system

Actually compiling this list was a harder job than I thought! I'm sure I'll write more about these favourite toys over the coming weeks and months as well as other gadgets that catch my attention. Who knows, there may even be some interesting changes to my top ten along the way!


15 April 2004

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29 January 2012

8 Years later and the only thing on this list that I would still include in my top ten is my beloved Tissot T Touch watch. Apart from being sent away once for a week to get a new battery and a service it has never let me down and still looks as good as the day I first got it.