Well I didn't do very well. Only 9 posts then nothing since July last year. Complete pants. Last week some idiot hacked our ISP's servers and I thought I'd lost this blog altogether. What's that old saying, you only really appreciate something when you loose it. Well it's true and I think it's time to do something about it. Part of the problem before was that I was being just a bit too ambitious trying to write full reviews everytime. So although I am going to try post more often, I can't guarantee that I'll always go into as much detail. I also want to include more pictures. Over the last few moths I've been subscribed to the Engadget and Slashdot feeds. I definitely prefer Engadget and I think it's simply because they include a picture with each post. I am going to have to workout if it's possible to include images with MoveableType easily or perhaps change to a different Blogging system (I need a built-in spell checker!!!).

The other reason I want to put some life back into this blog is that I recently got some wicked new toys which are so great I just have to tell the world ! So stay tuned for my next few posts.

p.s. OK I'll admit it, there's another reason too - I found out Don has started blogging too !