Full Loss of Service and a New Start

PlusNetMy ISP, Plusnet, has let me and a good many other customers down badly. The server they provide for us to host dynamic web sites, and the server that hosts this blog, suffered a complete hard disk failure during routine maintenace and ALL data was lost. My whole Gadget Zone blog is lost. I suppose I should have kept a back up on my own PC, but that's easy to say now.

I just found an old back up of my blog text from the end of february. So it's just the March and April posts which are missing now.

Since I needed to rebuild my site completely I thought this might be a good opportunity to see what other Blog software is available. Thanks to a bit of googling I found this review on the web, the clear winner was a piece of software called WordPress. I decided to give it a go and so far I'm quite impressed. WordPress looks like it can do a lot more than the version of MoveableType I was using before. It looks like I can actually host my whole web site in WordPress, not just this blog. So I think it's time for a new start - new URL, new site, new everything.