MAKE Magazine

Make Magazine Home I first heard about O'Reilly's new magazine through a podcast on IT Conversations and from the former Engadget guy Phil Torrone. Apparently this is O'Reilly's first magazine publication. It's all about geeky techy projects and it's full of ideas for things you can build.

I looked up the Make Magazine web site and found you could order a subscription to the mag but it was all in the US and I thought it could end up getting complicated. On another visit to their site I noticed that you could also buy a copy from, I checked on and sure enough they had it too, only £6.96 plus shipping (at least it is in £'s).

So what it's like. One word - complicated. Well at least it is complicated for me ! There are two really interesting projects, hanging a camera from a kite to take aerial photos and a DIY mag strip reader. The kite project looks completely overkill but I might have a go at the mag strip reader, watch this space.

Overall, despite not necessarily wanting to do all the projects, it is a very good read and I will definitely order the next issue.