New Home Server

ITX CaseFor a few months now I have been looking into building a new server for home. It will have a couple of big disks configured for RAID and will host all our photos, MP3's and videos. Its got to be quiet, its got to be power efficient so as not to drive up our electricity bills and I'd quite like it to be small. I have been looking at the VIA Mini-ITX motherboards and cases like this one from Serener. Only trouble is that I can't find this case for sale anywhere in the UK.

It's seems the whole PC industry is suddenly waking up to lower power consumption, low heat and low noise as being critical. Apple's announced this week that they will switch from PowerPC to Intel Pentium M processors for just these reasons. So this got me thinking, if Apple can make machines based on Pentium M then why can't I ? A quick bit of googling turned up a couple of suitable motherboards from Aopen. Now all I need to do is find somewhere to buy the board and a Pentium M processor and price up the whole thing.

Martin (Admin)

29 June 2005

My Google alert sent me this link to a detailed review of the Serener GS-L01.