Collected - The Best Of Massive Attack

Massive Attack - CollectedMy top three favourite CDs are all by the same artist Massive Attack; Mezzanine, 100th Window and Protection. I'm rubbish at describing music but I will say that it's very electronic, often with very moody atmospheric vocals and some times just a little bit dancy - I think the young people call it "trip hop". Basically if I had any musical talent at all, this is the kind of music I would want to make.

So if I have all their albums why did I buy this ? Well I was in an airport again on my way to the USA and just had to have something to listen to in my hire car (which by the way was a new convertible Mustang). If you haven't heard Massive Attack before then this "greatest hits" collection is a great introduction to the band. If you like this then make sure you also check out U.N.K.L.E, Tricky's Maxinque, Portishead and maybe some Faithless too.