Pandora - Free Personalised Web Radio

Another recomendation from the BBC's Click tv show is Pandora. Pandora is very clever. You start by telling Pandora the name of an artist or a track you like then Pandora starts playing a stream of music which is similar. The concept is very simple but the technology behind it looks quite sophisticated. Once your "station" is playing you can train Pandora by adding extra artists or by using the thumbs up and down buttons as each track plays.

So obviously I created a station based on Massive Attack and then added Portishead and Faithless to it. I have called my station "The Trip Hop Lounge" and it can be accessed by anyone (just click the link). Pandora really works because before long it also played tracks by Dubstar, Cabaret Voltaire and Tricky.

The really interesting thing about Pandora is that it is playing music that I like from many artists that I have never heard of before. I have already ordered two CDs by Curve just because they keep playing on my trip hop Pandora station.

Cousin Lynn

13 October 2006

Hey Cous', Pandora sounds so cool. What will they think of next. You have really opened up my mind to some interesting new music and I must check out your Trip Hop Lounge station soon. Tell Julie that I have now listened to her favourite Goldfrapp CD and I like's good dance music. As for Kaiser Chiefs (or Handkerchiefs as Reiss calls them), I play that CD over and over and over in my car on my way home from work. It makes me smile every time, so I can see why Reiss enjoys this CD.