Improvised ReadyNAS NV Power Supply

The power supply on my Infrant/Netgear ReadyNAS NV has died again. That's the third power supply in just over 7 years that has failed.

The ReadyNAS has mostly been great but the power supply really has been it's achilles heal. The RAID set up means that if a disk fails you can still get at your data and can simply swap out the failed disk for a new one. But when the power supply fails you are screwed. You can't get at your data and, since they use a proprietary wiring scheme, you can't just pop into you local PC store to buy a new one. Netgear will sell you a replacement, but they are really overpriced and it can take several days for shipping, assuming they even have them in stock.

Thanks to this ReadyNAS PSU pinout document I found on Netgear's ReadyNAS site, I figured out how to re-wire a standard ATX power supply to work with the ReadyNAS. I pulled a power supply out of an old PC and swapped a couple of wires around. The result isn't pretty but it works.


The hardest bit was actually pulling out the two molex pins without destroying the molex. This video came in very handy.


26 February 2016

Many thanks, that's a handy temporary solution that's got me up and running in the short term. I'm gonna order a replacement power supply from Overtek that has a cooling fan! and rerouted cooling so I can stuff my NAS back in its old place without having bits hanging everywhere. top stuff


20 November 2016

Hey!, I am interested in trying this, couple of questions. - What kind of power supply did you use? Wattage? - Which pins did you switch / remove? Thanks!


24 December 2016

Necro thanks to you and the others who posted this solution. I finished my hack and am booting up after the old PSU took the long nap...


09 August 2017

Taking a long shot that comments are still checked here - would you be able to describe more specifically how you rearraged the wiring? For someone not electronically inclined, the instructions that "-12v Blue and -5V White need to be changed to 12V Yellow" doesn't give me enough instruction :) Much appreciated


01 May 2018

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07 June 2018

Martin Jarvis

07 June 2018