Scott’s back with the podcast novel Infected

posted in Podcasts by martin on 22 March 2006

InfectedMy favourite podcast author, Scott Sigler, just released his third podcast novel called Infection Infected. His previous novels, Earthcore and Ancestor, had me on the edge of my (car) seat so I have high hopes for this story too. I am now on a mission to get as many people as possible to experience Scott's work as possible - so if you are reading my blog, I insist you go to now and start listening!

Scott's novel "Infection" was renamed "Infected" shortly after it was first podcast.

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Configuring a Linux DNS Server for a small home network

posted in Links by martin on 25 February 2006

Step by step guide for setting up DNS to support a home network.

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Infrant ReadyNAS

posted in Gadgets by martin on 25 January 2006

Small, quiet, low power consumption, RAID Network Attached Storage System, the ReadyNAS X6

--- Update ---

The Infrant ReadyNAS X6 has now been replaced by the much sexier looking ReadyNAS NV.

--- Update ---

The Infrant ReadyNAS NV has now been replaced by the even more sexier looking ReadyNAS NV+.

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Running Asterisk@Home Under Windows

posted in Windows by martin on 20 December 2005

Short tutorial from Voipspeak on running Asterisk under VMWare and Centos on Windows.

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Scott Sigler’s Ancestor

posted in Podcasts by martin on 27 November 2005

AncestorHot on the heals on Earthcore, Scott Sigler is Podcasting his next book, Ancestor. I've been batching up a few episodes at a time and listening to them in the car on the way to work. Earthcore was really good, but this story is even more exciting. Great job Scott, can't wait to see the movie :-)

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Asterisk - Open-Source VoIP PBX

posted in LinksPodcasts by martin on 25 November 2005

from IT Conversations:

Asterisk is the open source Voice-over-IP solution that everyone's talking about. At OSCON 2005 Scott Mace talked to Brian Capouch, the author of the forthcoming Addison-Wesley book about Asterisk. Capouch discusses why Asterisk is spreading like wildfire, has hooks for video and presence extensions and why Skype is "evil incarnate." VoIP is a disruptive technology and can be integrated with other systems such a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to make them more efficient.

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46bliss - In A Long Time

posted in InternetMusic by martin on 04 October 2005

46blissWow, I really like this. I heard this track on Adam Curry's show on "Podsafe music". Adam and Patricia obviously have very different tastes to me. I must listen to more of 46bliss and see if they have a CD.

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posted in Gadgets by martin on 18 September 2005

Robosapien in SilverMy Dad just came back from a holiday in Canada visiting family and brought my Son, Reiss, back a robot. Not just any robot but a shiny silver Robosapien. These "toy" robots were all over the news before Christmas last year with predictions of it being that Christmas' the best selling toy. Having lived with it for two days I can see why.

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Marc Benioff,

posted in Podcasts by martin on 18 September 2005

More essential podcast listening. Is it just me, or is Marc Benioff the only CEO in IT that seems to be talking a lot of sense?

More details here

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posted in Internet by martin on 10 September 2005

This is just a little bit of fun I saw on this week's BBC Click Online. Visit and try it with your own name. I'm looking forward to a bit of nocturnal troubleshooting...

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